Research Lines

The Radiation Detectors Group (RDG) devotes its research to the development of technologies and applications of radiation detectors based on semiconductor substrates. Its activity also includes the development of interconnects, the implementation of complete systems and the study of the effects of radiation on electronic devices. The fields of application of these developments are: high energy physics experiments, nuclear physics experiments, instrumentation for synchrotron facilities, security systems, instrumentation for satellites, dosimetry and instrumentation for medical imaging. The RDG has considerable experience in the simulation, design, fabrication and packaging of silicon radiation detectors with strip and pixel geometry and has developed double-sided 3D detector technology and novel LGAD detector technology in collaboration with the Power Devices Group of IMB-CNM.

The group has its own laboratory (LABRAD), equipped with numerous equipment and instruments to electrically characterize semiconductor radiation detectors. The laboratory is a radiation facility licensed by the Spanish Nuclear Security Council (CSN) to work with low-activity sealed radiation sources and X-ray tube.

The RDG has collaborated with more than 100 different groups and entities from all over the world, including universities, research centers and private companies.

Radiation detectors for knowledge frontiers

Position sensitive  detectors for particles colliders

High radiation hardness detectors (3D technology)

Timing detectors (LGAD technology)

Radiation detectors for harsh environments (SiC substrate)

Radiation effects in devices and systems

Radiation detectors for societal challenges

Photodiodes for X-ray, visible and UV light detection for synchrotron and space applications

Detectors for security systems (wide area radiation surveillance)

Detectors for automatic radon control in buildings

Smart packaging of electronics components for no conventional applications

Radiation detectors for medical science

Dosimetry and micro-dosimetry

Radiation detectors for medical imaging

Particles detectors for metrology in advanced radiotherapy instrumentation

Beam diagnostic