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IMB-CNM Radiation Detectors Group
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The Radiation Detectors Group (RDG) started as a specialized group in 1996 in order to participate in the CERN ATLAS Inner Detector Collaboration. The initial objectives of the group were the development of silicon radiation sensors for High Energy Physics experiments and the study of radiation effects in devices. Since then the research lines have broadened, and today the RDG is dedicated to the research and development of technologies and applications of radiation detectors through design, simulation, fabrication and characterization of silicon radiation sensors; readout electronics; interconnections; high density bump bonding and packaging, implementation of complete systems and study of the effects of radiation. The fields of application in which these developments have been implemented are high-energy physics, nuclear physics, synchrotron, radiation security, space, dosimetry and medical imaging.

The RDG uses extensively the Micro and Nanofabrication clean room at IMB-CNM for the fabrication of custom-made radiation sensors according to the needs of each application. In addition, the group has its own test laboratory to fully characterize radiation detectors with radiation sources that is a Radioactive Facility licensed by the Spanish Nuclear Security Council.

The Radiation Detectors Group is a research group inside the Department of Silicon Technologies and Microsystems of the National Microelectronics Center (IMB-CNM) that belongs to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).






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